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AC Sobba here, your friendly neighborhood radio DJ and host of Catchin’ Some Z! Good ‘ol Kansas boy sans the boots, camo, belt buckle…pretty much anything country. You can usually catch me either watching cartoons on Netflix, rushing to class last minute, chillin’ in the Z studio, or riding my motorcycle when I won’t freeze to death.  I am the absolute master of the last minute dive into the studio just in time to get stuff done. The other thing that I like to do in my spare time is play my Tuba for the Kansas State University Pride Marching Band. So when you see a tall, skinny guy, with a well trimmed beard, and rugged good looks you might catch me out and about.

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AC Sobba

I may have borrowed the following questions from Emily…shhh!
Website: Netflix on the Xbox 360
TV Show:  Southpark at the moment
Movie:  Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World
Book: Hunger Games Series
Hangout: My couch
Dream Vacation: New Zealand
Restaurant: T-Bell
Sports Team: K-state duh
Artist: A7X
Song: Whatever I can sing to get on my fiancé’s nerves
Color: Silver
Actor: Jonny Depp
Actress: Jessica Alba…drool

Couple of my own questions
Drive: ’99 300M, ’02 Yamaha V-star 650 Custom in black
Eye Color: Lady Killer Blue
Major: Milling Science

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